EMAIL:           PHONE: (310) 316-7470


Q: When and how can I register for a class?

A: You can download the registration forms HERE and mail in your registration at any time to be placed on the wait list for the next session for the program you are interested in. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 6508, San Pedro, CA, 90734.

Our programs are VERY popular so it’s a good idea to get on the wait list early. We offer priority re-enrollment to families between the 7th and 9th week of the session and then fill any open space from the wait list in the order registrations were received. Once we have a space we will email you to confirm - we do not deposit your check until we have confirmed a class with you.

Q: What age are your programs for?

A: Tots - 3 to 5 years,

     Sixes - Kindergarten & 1st through their 7th birthday

     Summer Camp - 4 to 6 years

Q: Do the kids play soccer games?

A: No, Soccer for Tots classes are weekly soccer practices and kids follow the coach through exercises and drills. This age-appropriate format allows our Tots to develop their soccer skills at their own pace without the pressure of competition. Our Soccer for Sixes program introduces some one-v-one or two-v-two play once the groups are developmentally ready for it.

Q: I’m not sure which color uniform my child needs?

A: As we don’t play competitively children don’t have to have a certain color.  They can pick there favorite from our uniform order form (included with the registration forms).

Q: My child isn’t 3 yet but is very coordinated and really wants to play - can we join?

A: We get asked this a lot and, although we look forward to welcoming you into our classes, experience has shown us that it isn’t wise to take kids under 3 into the program. Children do develop at different rates and even at 3 some kids still aren’t quite ready to join in.  Although your 2 year old may be raring to go, most do not want to participate fully for more than a few minutes at a time and haven’t developed the listening skills and attention span to really get the most our of our program. You are welcome to join the wait list up to 3 months before their 3rd birthday so that they are in line for a spot once they turn 3.

Q: My child turns 3 in 2 months time - how soon can we join the wait list?

A: It’s a good idea to send in your registration up to 3 months in advance.  We would hold your registration on the wait list and email you once we had a space in a session after he/she turns 3.

Q: Can we join mid-session?

A: Most of our classes usually fill in advance but if space does become available we take kids through the 4th week of a session (and do pro-rate).  After that you would need to join the wait list for the next session.

Q: Do we have to be a resident of the city we want to register for?

A: No our classes are open to all - but again space is very limited so joining the wait list early is a good idea. 

Q: What happens if we are on the wait list and nothing opens in the class we wanted or our schedule changes?

A: If when we email you to confirm a class you can no longer participate or we can’t get you onto a class that will work for you then you have the choice of remaining on the wait list or having your check returned to you.

Q: Do you offer make-up’s?

A: We only schedule make-ups if we cancel a class due to the weather or field availability issues.  In that case we add a class at the end of the session. We don’t offer make-up’s for missed classes. Our program works so well due to the fact that we keep our class sizes small and the coach gets to know the group that he or she is working with.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: If the weather is bad (or has been that morning), you can check our Facebook page here for class updates. You can also call the office 30 minutes before your scheduled class time.  Our outgoing message will state if class has been cancelled.

Q: Can we register for more than one class per week - or more than one session? 

A: If your child loves the program you can register for multiple classes if space is available.  Once you are in the program you will receive Priority Re-enrollment for the following session.  Sign up’s for that are done at class and as long as we receive your payment by the specified date your space will be held for you.

Q: Can we bring siblings to class?

A: Siblings and other fans are welcome to come to watch classes but please make sure that any kids not registered for the class remain on the sidelines with an adult and are supervised at all times.

Q: What about dogs?

A: We love pups, but Nansen Field is a private facility and we aren’t allowed to have them at the field.

Q: Where do we send our registration forms?

A: Our mailing address is P.O. Box 6508, San Pedro, CA, 90734.

Q: Where is your field?

A:  Nansen Field is a private soccer facility located at 15 Hidden Valley Drive, Rolling Hills Estates, CA, 90274. See map below.